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Past Events
  • Practice platform November 2019 - Load securing - responsibilities and resources - Manfred Feix
  • 2019 - Ninth Sustainability Roundtable in Nuremberg with Curd Blank - Sustainability and environment in industry are not mutually exclusive
  • Practice Platform - 2018 - The theory and practice surrounding Innovations, issues and changes in laws and standards
  • Our 7th Sustainability Round Table Event - The Adidas ‘Green Company Programme”
  • Practice platform 2017 - Guiding you through the changes and regulations to management systems
  • Eighth entrepreneurs' meeting - 2018 Speaker - Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-President of the Club of Rome
  • TV appearance of Intechnica - Dr. Hiller was interviewed as environmental expert for the firm Werner & Mertz
  • Another television appearance of Intechnica, this time on SWR
  • Invitation to the Practice Platform 2020 Environmental protection, energy, quality & occupational safety Dates - October 28 / 29. Due to Covid19 postponed to 2021
  • Webinar Carbon Footprint and Climate neutrality