We are committed to creating a sustainable future as a legacy for the next generation. Here are some of the small steps we take in actively becoming good corporate citizens.

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Our social responsibility to our employees

  • Regular, company outings with the focus on team building + fun.
  • Procurement of mostly regional and sustainable products for the healthy nourishment of our employees.
  • Subsidies for daycare fees to help reconcile family and work.
  • Flexible working time.
  • Support for personal development (e.g. language courses, etc.)
  • “Mentoring model” = professional and emotional support for newcomers.

We encourage staff health and well-being


  • Project “animated lunch break” (lunch time exercise sessions)
  • Ergonomic office equipment, chairs which are individually adjusted to the employee and the use of natural furnishing materials i.e. cardboard seating and benches and other natural fibre materials)
  • Project “healthy lunch break“ (a colleague receives expenses to cook for the whole team)

Active corporate and community environmental directives


  • Whenever possible we encourage the use of public transport to journey to customers.
  • Carbon offset all of our air travel.
  • We supply a ‘Bahncard’ (discount card for German train tickets) for employees.
  • We encourage the use of a ‘Job bike’ (Generous tax subsidies allow workers to lease a brand new bike or e-bike through their employer).
  • Staff make themselves available to present environmental education in schools.
  • We have an on-going tree planting campaign in our dedicated orchard meadow for us and our customers.
  • We only use paper that is 100% recycled.
  • All marketing merchandising we send, (such as pens) are made of recyclable material.

Our Charitable and Humanitarian commitment


  • Fund-raising campaign newspaper Nürnberger Nachrichten “Joy for all“ (Freude für alle).
  • We actively engage in all of the community support that The Lions Club delivers locally and internationally.
  • We have tree planting initiatives for our clients’ premises.
  • During our last Company Christmas Event, we were all in the mood for donations. Following the company philosophy to make people happy, we decided together to support two projects of World Vision with a donation of 900 €. For more than 60 years World Vision has been committed to the better well-being of children all over the world.” We have decided to support the projects “Trees for children – replanting in Kenya” and “The book bus – reading material from a mobile library”. In the first project for self-help, small farmers in Kenya are helped to reforest their soils, among other things with the method of natural replanting. The second project supports the school education of children who live in rural areas and have limited access to books. For these children a book bus travels from village to village as a little library

One of the main things we have done for our local community is plant a sustainable apple orchard in our local countryside, each year we plant another tree to dedicate to a client or someone who has inspired us.

Last year we dedicated a tree to Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker of the Club of Rome, an organisation created to address the multiple crises facing humanity and the planet and who spoke to us at one of our events.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the successful EMAS certification of Mattes, a tree was also planted.