Most of our consultants have over 10 years experience, which ensures that many of our clients come back time and again for our services; they appreciate the high-level of support they receive and the detailed solutions that fulfil all of their corporate, environmental, sustainable, strategic and manufacturing needs.

Dr. Norbert Hiller


Environmental Verifier/Auditor
Expert Witness Energy Efficiency

Dr.Hiller (‘Nobby’ to his friends) is one of the two original founders of Intechnica.

Starting the business in 1990, he has helped to build Intechnica into a strong and successful, globally operating company. He is a Chemical Engineer who specialises as a Consultant and environmental verifier and auditor in all aspects of sustainability, acting for clients across the globe.

He travels the world extensively on Intechnica business; from Brazil to China, Mexico to India, USA to South Africa, there are not many continents he has not visited and the main influence he has gained from his travels? a love of Asian food, the spicier the better.

Nobby speaks English fluently and has a good grasp of Italian, which is his No.1 destination choice in Europe, in his youth he used to be a Hockey player and stills plays tennis (he is known as ‘Dr. Volley’) and has started skiing again with his new knee.

His colleagues say they always know when Nobby is in the office – he has the loudest laugh on the planet (think Donkey!).

Dr. Reiner Beer


Environmental Verifier

Reiner co-founded Intechnica with Dr. Hiller (‘Nobby’) in 1990 and has been instrumental in growing the company to its present success. As a chemical engineer he came from a Consultancy background and now works mainly as an environmental verifier and auditor in all management systems.

He is the Yin to Nobby’s Yang. He has the eye on the detail of the success of each project, studying the hours spent versus the profit made and keeping everyone focused on the internal procedures designed to maintain a smooth operation.

Reiner speaks English fluently and French and is passionate about his work – although he hasn’t quite grasped that driving a large 4×4 is not quite in-line with our philosophy yet! Like most of the team he travels extensively across Europe and the globe, and has made it his linguist challenge to (ironically) be able to order a ‘Beer’ in many languages! Beer by name, Beer by nature.

He is a passionate family man, still playing tennis to stay fit – he is the serve to Dr. Hiller’s Volley.

Dr. Volker Tröbs


Environmental Verifier/Auditor
Health & Safety Officer

Volker is a Chemist and an Intechnica Director who has been part of our team since 1999.
He operates as a Consultant and Certifier for quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety management and as an environmental verifier. His core expertise is based around integrated management systems, risk awareness, environmental protection, REACh and sustainability. In fact Volker is your man for all things connected with safety and REACh, so much so his colleagues are convinced he can recite every chapter and verse of the regulation in his sleep.

Working in both areas of Consultancy and Certification has created a wide and diverse client base for him. But what interests him most in his work; is the many different countries and cultures that set out the many challenges that he has to face, not least having to combine work with the enjoyment of being entertained with many different cuisines, which has given him the chance to develop his love of food – and sometimes he wishes it hadn’t!

So why does Volker walk around the office appearing grumpy? Well we know it’s only serious when his bad mood appears on a Monday morning; and the real reason for it? His beloved 1. FC Nürnberg has lost again at the weekend – so that’s most Mondays then!

We can only guess that his real enjoyment comes from the rock music he listens to and his first love of Franconian beer, and cooking the International cuisine that he has learned from his travels abroad, which the Intechnica team often love to take full advantage of.

Dr. Udo Ammon


Environmental Verifier/Auditor
Quality Manager

Udo joined us in 1996. He is a Director of Intechnica and operates as a Consultant, Environmental Verifier and auditor to all management systems. He has a lot of cross-discipline experience that has included the development and certification of management systems, in the areas of Environment, Quality Management, Health and Safety, and Integrated Management.

Udo has also developed bespoke guidelines and manuals, successfully mediated between companies and authorities and developed proprietary QM interactive software for better management systems. He is the absolute materials expert taking care on material compliance for components and consumer goods based on global regulations for some big companies

Udo is the self-appointed mentor for the younger members of staff, helping and motivating where he can and passing on insightful advice at all times. He is always open to new ideas in the workplace, which helps in achieving creative solutions for his clients.

Udo has been an avid cyclist for many years, having competed in iron-man competitions, but perhaps his love for Italian food and wine is starting to help get him off the bike a bit more.

Thomas Täuber


Auditor Energy & Environment

Thomas is a consultant and energy and environmental auditor who joined us in 2010, his No.1 reason for joining Intechnica was to be able to deal with many of the issues that in the future, will have positive socio-political and environmental importance for our world. His areas of expertise are in the areas of Energy and Environmental Management Systems covering all aspects right through to Green Building certification.

Thomas will be Intechnica’s ‘next generation’ Managing Director when the founders begin to step back from the ‘frontline’. He has an amazing ability to generate new and fruitful business opportunities, develop the latest future-oriented fields for our clients and consistently exceed targets.

Some would say he is a workaholic, but he will always find the time to be there for his colleagues especially around the espresso machine.

When he does get some spare time he enjoys cooking and eating Italian food and Sailing – but not at the same time!

Werner Röschl

(Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Verfahrenstechnik)

Process Engineer

Werner is one of our originals; always there (25 years and counting), always relied upon, but annoyingly never seems to look any older! Over the years he has become our “Go to IT guy”, he is a customer project management specialist who makes best use of all of the office programmes needed, for maximising efficiency in all of our project processing and logistics.

Werner seems to be always there when you need him; the problem for him is that he will take calls on Sundays, even in the middle of the night, just to answer the question “How do I access our database!”. If he does allow himself any spare time off, he will be either biking, swimming or out in the countryside with his dog, who is apparently almost as loyal as Werner, but not quite (7 years and counting).

Max Windsheimer

(M.Sc. in Industrial Ecology)

Consultant Environment & Sustainability

Max joined us in October 2017 after satisfying his ‘wanderlust’ by studying in Norway and Malaysia, volunteering in Uganda and working in S. Africa.

His role for our clients is as a Consultant in Environment & Sustainability, specifically in the areas that are currently the hottest topics connected with Europe’s ‘Green Deal’ to be carbon neutral by 2050. He is an integral part of our team with an eye for the detail to create the best sustainability solutions for businesses and the most effective ways to reduce their impact on the environment, mainly connected with life cycle assessments, climate neutrality and carbon footprint.

Max practices what he preaches to our clients.  He is our carbon footprint expert and ‘activist’; he is so disciplined he doesn’t own a car, choosing to travel with a combination of bike and public transport at all times and only eats organically grown food – he is a one-man sustainability machine. The one thing that he can’t stop himself doing is supporting 1.FC Nuremberg – we all have our weaknesses.

Eva Barth

(B. Eng)

Environmental Engineer (B.Eng.)
Environmental and Management Consultant

Eva has worked for us twice. She first joined in 2012 as a trainee and then in 2013 whilst writing her environmental engineering thesis. Since then she has become part of the family, taking time out to have her own family and coming back to us between having 2 babies.

At work she embraces the challenging, mix of our work with positivity; whether advising clients, helping colleagues with technical problems, taking on challenging projects and formulating solutions, it is the variety she loves.

Eva’s understanding of the importance of environmental sustainability has been in her heart from childhood, having grown up in the countryside. She now lives on a farm, in a village where she knows everyone, so much so that whenever any of us needs personal, technical assistance with anything; our first call is to Eva, as she will always have a friend to recommend who can help.

Jochen Fröhlich


Auditor Energy & Environment
Emission Trading

Jochen first joined Intechnica as one of our first company employees, he was with us from 1992 to 2005, when he left, however he remained a friend and eventually returned to us in 2013. He has well over 25 years experience as a Consultant for Energy efficiency and Greenhouse Gas reporting and now mainly works in the fields of energy management, CO2 reporting and climate change – both as consultant and verifier. We are proud to say that he is one of the main experts in the implementation of the EU-EHS in Germany (in our opinion).
Jochen is the ‘go to’ scientific expert in all fields of technology for the whole Intechnica team, whenever they need help with the more difficult mathematical and physical calculations and the man with the structured detail to reduce the chaos that happens from time to time.
When we asked him what he likes or is passionate about and what he does in his spare time, he answers “that is private” – so we accept that.

Max Jordan

(M.Sc.) Chemical & Biological Engineering

Junior Consultant for Environment and Management Systems

Max joined Intechnica in July 2017 after studying for his degree in Erlangen and Melbourne, where he learned to speak English (out of the side of his mouth).

He is a Consultant for Environment & Energy Management Systems. specialising on energy related fields, especially in energy management and audits, as-well-as supporting the team in the fields of environment, quality and occupational safety.

Always open minded to new ideas he drives us forward to a new goal of pushing us more and more into the digital age with great understanding of IT.

And talking of pushing towards a goal – Max is our sports star, he is an impressive, hockey player, competing in the German Premier league; this creates many discussions with his boss and old boy Hockey player Dr. Hiller, but there is never any debate who is the more accomplished in the Intechnica team, (It’s Max!)

Elfi Schnell


Accountant – Controller

Elfi is one of our most important members of staff – she is in control of the money! And having worked on our accounts since 2001, we know we can trust her with them, because she is the one pushing all aspects of project cost-analysis and billing.

There is much more to her job than book keeping, Elfi is the interface with our tax-consultants, having to keep up-to-date with the precise detail of changing tax-laws, and is also in charge of the vehicle fleet-management; so she keeps us as ‘green’ as we can be, by example she drives an E-car and rides an E-bike.

In-line with the Intechnica environmental philosophy Elfi is a great, organic gardener, harvesting a range of her own berries – she is always our pick of the crop!

Sarah Götz

Student Intern and Aspiring Bachelor in Chemical Bioengineering

Sarah is a student working as an intern (and “Girl Friday”) in the Intechnica team since January 2017 and working towards her bachelor degree in chemical and bioengineering.

She may be the youngest member of the team but she is an important one and is quickly becoming an expert in many fields, especially working as back-up to Volker Tröbs on many of the Reach consulting projects. Her day-to-day tasks also include supporting the team on occupational safety projects, registration, notification of approval and as well, the organisation and promotion of our regular “Praxisplattform” client engagement events and she’s taking care on marketing issues like regular updates of our webpage.

Sarah is a passionate Salsa and Bachata dancer.

Henriette Dedecke

Assistant (to the management)

Henriette joined our team in June 2020, as Dr. Hiller’s right-hand.
She loves the fact that she is a true Franconian, having worked for a Franconian company for almost 15 years.

Her experience started in sales and then extended into environmental management, eventually becoming the CSR Manager, where she developed a CSR management system for the company.

Henriette keeps and handles the busy life of Dr. Hiller and the detailed and varied demands at Intechnica with an open and cordial nature and communicates with great calm.
As a balance to the lively nature of her boss (and her own family), Henriette likes to keep body and mind together holistically, walking in nature and with dance.

Maria Gabriela Moreno Gonzalez


Maria joined Intechnica in August 2021, after completing her master’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Erlangen and brought the Latin American warmth into the house.

She is our REACh “pope” and contact person in areas of chemical-technical sustainability, CCF as well as quality management. In addition, her focus is on supply chain management, sustainable development and sustainability reporting.

Before her internships, in which she was mainly responsible for the establishment and development of sustainability strategies and supply chain management, Maria took her first steps in Germany in form of a volunteer social year, and also worked in a kindergarten. With her fiery South American temperament and big heart, she cares warmly for her fellow human beings.

Sitting still is difficult for her. She prefers to make her own vanilla extract to conjure up delicacies or is out in nature, dancing or doing sports.
Sustainability beats in Maria’s chest, both internally and externally. Not only is she our “water police”, but she also lives her life in an environmentally conscious and minimalist way. The only exception is her zeal for curl care; here she knows no fun!

Sandra Lutz


Sandra joined Intechnica in January 2021. She fulfils her role as an energetic support to her two advisors/auditors consistently and assertively. From approval processes to document creation, to digital documentation; when the stern finger is lifted, tasks get done.

Like most members of the Intechnica team, Sandra enjoys nature, hiking and extensive travelling. Whether it’s Franconian Switzerland or the strawberry picking field, the main thing is to get out and experience the world. Her irrepressible wanderlust means she often acts as our global travel guide, always with cost-benefit efficiency in mind. Capturing the magic of far-flung spots photographically, she cultivates friendships around the world, which she also enjoys visiting.

Oh, and she provides the best mustard, which makes her the hottest person in the team. And she is always available for sharing good recipes.

Christine Annabring


Christine joined Intechnica in October 2020 as an intern and Master’s student and wrote her thesis on the topic of climate neutralisation of a mechanical engineering company.

Her focus includes the preparation and consulting around the carbon footprint/ life cycle assessment, especially consulting in the field of sustainability and energy systems. Through her own personality, Christine is already a top quality manager, creating synergies and streamlining work steps, where possible and in demand.

Christine is our mischievous, likeable bundle of energy, our “doer” who gets to the heart of things pragmatically and has a keen eye for interpersonal issues. And luckily, we can rely on her as our webinar and presentation ace. Through her past internships and occasional self-employment, she has gained experience not only in technical elements, but also in direct sales and 1:1 customer support.

In contrast to her professional technical career, she cultivates her “green thumb” in her private life and loves the feeling of soil in her hands, or spoiling her loved ones in the form of sweet and savoury (essence: dainty, plenty and full)..

Monika Kakowska


Monika has been with Intechnica since August 2020. Besides the general activities of an office manager and assistant, she sorts, tinkers and designs our office. There is hardly a task she shies away from. A “jack of all trades” who always needs a goal.

Monika can be “bossy” but is a loyal team player. She is our “in-house search engine/wiki” for all kinds of PC user errors and questions.

She is an enthusiastic festival-attendee and metal fan: thrash, heavy, death, it’s “her religion”. Here, too, she does not leave the basic attitude of sustainability. She has been a visitor to “Green Camping” for many years.

Her challenge to our office was the “Wiener Verlängerte” from our Italian espresso machine. Of course, the coffee tastes best when the boss makes it personally, says Monika.

Tobias Urban


Tobias has been with Intechnica since October 2021. He studied chemistry and biology in Erlangen and worked part-time in a wastewater technology company. Towards the end of his studies, he started a “small” self-employment before finding his place in the Intechnica team.

At Intechnica, he advises in particular on topics of energy management and support programmes and is also a specialist in the field of emissions trading (national and EU-wide).

Tobias is the likeable conversationalist; cheerful, open and self-confident; he is the “icebreaker” to start a conversation with anyone and at any time.

His great passion is playing badminton and doing voluntary work in his club. He is always up for a challenge. At home, he enjoys playing Schafkopf with friends and family and in the office, not a day goes by without a “worthy” opponent being challenged to a match in “foosball”.

Kathrin Wendt

“The fall of the Berlin Wall came at exactly the right time for me to study business administration in beautiful Dresden, travel around the world and improve my English near Birmingham.

I joined Intechnica in 2009 and have since been excited to work in a young, exceptional team and come into contact with customers around the world who live by environmental concerns. A challenge for me is to support the Intechnica team administratively so that everything runs smoothly.”

I am happy with my family and enjoy being a mother, a traveler and constantly out in the garden.

I like winter – especially in the mountains, preferably on the boards downhill.

I don’t like “having to be a good housewife”, packing suitcases and over-organized trips.

Andreas Lutz

Consultant and auditor for quality management / environmental management

When did you join Intechnica?

Andreas has been with Intechnica since 01.06.2023.

What is your expertise?

His specialist filed is as a Consultant and auditor for quality management / environmental management, and a specialist for supplier development & process optimization

What is your job title is and what you do at Intechnica

Consultant and auditor for quality management / environmental management

What are your likes, what you do in your spare time?

Mountain biking, hiking, do-it-yourself

Manuel Eisenhut

Consultant and auditor for quality management / environmental management

When did you join Intechnica?

Manuel joined us in 2023

What is your expertise?

His specialist filed is as a Consultant and auditor for quality management / environmental management, and a specialist for supplier development & process optimization.

What is your job title is and what you do at Intechnica

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Development and implementation of environmental and energy management systems.

He is also responsible for the calculation and minimisation of ecological footprints of companies and products

What are your likes, what you do in your spare time?

In his spare time, Manuel is usually in the kitchen, otherwise he is in to fitness or travel with friends.  He likes to be creative  with an interest in art and music.