A few weeks ago Intechnica had a visit from a television crew for a short report on the brand Frosch of the company Werner & Mertz. Dr. Norbert Hiller was interviewed for this issue. You can see the result of this very exciting and instructive report under the link provided.
The film deals with the question of how ecological the products of the Frosch brand are. Is it possible to produce cleaning products without chemical ingredients, sustainable and free of microplastics? Frosch proves this and provides insights into the topics packaging, ingredients, microplastics and water.
Dr. Norbert Hiller, as environmental expert of Werner & Mertz, sums up and confirms exemplary and sustainable production methods in the annual audit and validation of the environmental statement.
You are welcome to view the complete 11-minute article on this subject under the following link:https://www.prosieben.de/tv/galileo/videos/273-wie-oekologisch-sind-produkte-der-marke-frosch-clip