Support on EU-Emission Trading Scheme

Audi (Automotive)
Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft (Automotive)
Lech-Stahlwerke (Iron & Steel – Electric steel mill)
N-ergie Kraftwerke GmbH (Utility – operator of heat & power plants)

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All monitoring and reporting obligations to be carried out over time, to conform with the legal requirements

Since 2004 Intechnica has been helping companies participate in the EU – Emissions Trading Scheme by handling tasks such as:

• Developing and implementing systems for monitoring and reporting emissions

• Analysing the uncertainty of the monitoring system

• Communicating with the verifier and competent authorities

• Preparing the yearly emissions reports and other notices to authorities

• Submitting EU allowances in a timely manner

• Preparing and implementation of trading strategies and procedures

• Selecting trading partners and preparing contracts