We were instructed to carry out to attain legal compliance in the fields of environment, energy, occupational health and safety, for a German client whose business is the production of wire and cable solutions, cable systems and glass.

For each client, there is a register of legal obligations that is kept for all German sites (up to approximately 20 sites).

For this purpose all legal changes and new regulations of the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany, the respective federal states, as well as the statutes of the municipalities and administrative districts, have to be researched twice a year so that our clients can remain compliant to all updates.

The innovations and changes are presented to those responsible for the sites in bi-annual workshops and their significance for the company or the individual sites is calculated and presented by Intechnica.

In addition to the presentation documents they receive from us, which outline our recommendations, the site managers also receive a summary of all the important innovations that they need to be compliant with.

The actual review of compliance takes place at the customer’s sites themselves, or is also carried out by us as part of additional compliance audits.