We have a number of clients that produce a range of products (textiles, sporting goods, furniture, electronics etc.) and we have been supporting them in the area of material compliance for over 20 years. Our support gives them the assurance that the legal compliance of the ingredients they use in manufacturing will give them the certainty of avoiding NGO attacks and press, consumer and customer challenges.

our support can be tailored to specific individual requests but largely, our compliance audits cover:-
– Sighting of legal requirements and other standards (e.g. NGO requirements and industry standards) for the customer’s sales area

– Preparation of an RSL (Restricted Substances List) for the customer
(if required, including a discussion of the test methods; for this purpose we work closely with a renowned laboratory operating worldwide, which can also serve as an arbitration board with international orientation).

– Establishing sampling plans for monitoring

– Establishing a procedure for supplier selection and verification

– Holding regular update events to adapt the RSL

– Support with individual questions from dealers, customers and NGOs